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Guellala Museum– This museum is truly local and is rich in Djerba history, it shows how the islands industries and crafts are worked on and the extremely interesting ceremonies regarding marriage in Djerba, this museum will definitely give a traveler some insight into the strange island of Djerba.

Lalla Hadria Museum– Discover over 13 centuries of Arabo-Islamic art and culture at Lalla Hadria Museum. The modern building displays a vast collection of art and artifacts across 15 rooms, with over 1,000 pieces. Take a tour around the grand site, and see the exhibits of jewelry, paintings, old furniture, and carpets.


Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel De Djerba– Explore the area’s glorious past and rich cultural heritage at Musee du Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien. Next door to a crocodile park and a Crusader fort, the museum features diorama-like exhibits and life-size mannequins dressed in traditional costumes.

Djerbahood was a street art event in which artists from all over the world gathered in the village of Erriadh on the Tunisian island Djerba to create 250 mural paintings. The project was established by the Itinerrance de Paris gallery in June 2014.